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Social Events

Community and Connection at St. Joseph's Catholic Church

At St. Joseph's Catholic Church, we cherish the bond that unites us as a faith community. Our array of social events is designed to bring us together, fostering friendships, laughter, and shared moments that enrich our lives.

First Sunday Donuts:

Start each month on a sweet note with our First Sunday Donuts event. Join us after Mass to indulge in delightful treats and mingle with fellow parishioners. It's a time to catch up, meet new faces, and strengthen the sense of belonging within our community.

Contact Melinda Whinnery to get involved

Parish Fun Nights:

Laughter and joy abound during our Parish Fun Nights. These lively gatherings offer a chance for families, friends, and individuals of all ages to come together. From games and activities to themed events, we create a welcoming space to unwind, celebrate, and enjoy the company of our extended church family.

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Special Receptions:

Milestones and moments of celebration are even more memorable when shared within our faith community. Our special receptions provide the perfect backdrop for commemorating significant events, whether it's a sacramental milestone, a welcoming of new members, or honoring our dedicated volunteers.

Contact Melinda Whinnery to get involved

At St. Joseph's, we understand that fostering connections is at the heart of a strong community. Join us in these social events that remind us that we're more than just a congregation – we're a family. Stay updated on upcoming events and embrace the warmth of togetherness at St. Joseph's Catholic Church.


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