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Sacramental Life


The Sacrament of Baptism is the beginning of your child's initiation into the Catholic faith. Infant Baptism ages 0-6 is arranged through the parish office with parent and godparent formation. Baptism for children ages 7-17 and adults requires the Order of Christian Initation, or receiving Baptism, Communion, and Confirmation together, to be fully initiated into the Church.

Contact: Melinda Whinnery

First Reconciliation
& First Communion

Your child's faith journey continues with the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion. Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion for students age 7 and older occurs during our Wednesday night Parish Religious Education (PRE) program. The Diocese of Little Rock requires that students have attended religious education for at least one year prior to enrolling in the First Reconciliation & Communion class. Contact Marie to register for the appropriate class.

Contact: Marie Meints


Elevate your faith journey with Confirmation at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Confirmation is a pivotal sacrament where individuals receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and commit to Christ and the Church, completing the Sacraments of Initiation. Our thoughtfully designed Confirmation preparation program equips participants with a deeper understanding of this transformative sacrament. Through teachings, discussions, and spiritual guidance, we empower individuals to embrace their faith more fully. At St. Joseph's, we believe Confirmation is a personal and communal celebration. With our faith community's support, participants step into a lifelong commitment to living out their beliefs with conviction and courage. Discover the significance of Confirmation at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Contact us to learn more and embark on this enriching path together.

Contact: Marie Meints

(formerly RCIA)

Upcoming Dates: Thursdays at 6:00pm Feb 22, 29 March 7, 14, 21 April 4, 11, 18, 25* *End of Year Social Are you seeking to join or return to the Catholic faith? The Order of Christian Initiation for Adults (OCIA, formerly the Rite of Christian Initation for Adults, RCIA) at St. Joseph's Catholic Church welcomes you on a path of discovery and renewal. OCIA is a transformative process that introduces individuals to Catholic beliefs, traditions, and practices. Whether you're new to the faith, exploring Catholicism, or looking to complete your sacraments, OCIA offers a supportive community and comprehensive learning. At St. Joseph's, our OCIA program fosters spiritual growth through teachings, discussions, and reflection. We walk with you as you deepen your connection with God and the Church, leading to the joyous celebration of initiation into the Catholic faith. Embark on this meaningful journey with OCIA at St. Joseph's. Contact us to learn more about our program and take the first step toward embracing your Catholic faith.

Contact: Pat Buhr


Celebrate the sacred journey of love and commitment through Matrimony at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Matrimony is a profound sacrament where two hearts and souls unite, blessed by God's grace and the Church's support. Our Matrimony preparation program offers guidance and reflection to couples preparing for this lifelong covenant. We believe in nurturing strong foundations for lasting marriages, emphasizing communication, faith, and mutual respect. At St. Joseph's, we understand the sanctity of marriage and the importance of a faith-centered partnership. With our community's prayers and encouragement, we're here to support you as you embark on this beautiful journey together. Experience the beauty of Matrimony at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Contact us to learn more about our program and begin the next chapter of your lives in God's love."

Contact: Melinda Whinnery


Navigating the complexities of marriage is deeply important. At St. Joseph's Catholic Church, we understand the challenges, and we offer guidance and healing through our annulment process. An annulment is a declaration that a marriage, while valid in civil terms, lacked the essential elements required by the Church for a sacramental bond. It is not a divorce, but rather a means of seeking clarity and healing. Our caring and knowledgeable team at St. Joseph's supports individuals through this process, ensuring understanding, compassion, and respect. We are here to help you find solace, closure, and a renewed sense of hope. Discover the healing journey of annulment at St. Joseph's. Contact us to learn more about our process and find the support you need.

Contact: Pat Buhr

Anointing of the Sick

To request the Anointing of the Sick for yourself or a loved one, please call the office: 479-361-2612

St. Joseph Cemetery

Our parish cemetery is located less than a mile south of the church. Take Barrington Rd south (across Highway 412/Henri de Tonti Blvd) and turn left on Fletcher Ave.

The cemetery was expanded in 2023. Plots and columbarium niches are available. To purchase a plot please contact Mike Zulpo: 479-263-4808 To purchase a niche, please contact Steve Miller: 479-841-2784

Funeral Arrangements

To arrange a funeral, please see the guide below and call the office when you are ready. 479-361-2612

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