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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer and Make a Difference at St. Joseph's Catholic Church


Be the hands of compassion, the voice of support, and the heart of service within our faith community at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Volunteering is a powerful way to actively live out the Gospel teachings and contribute to the well-being of our parish.

We offer diverse opportunities for volunteers of all ages and talents. Whether you're drawn to helping with liturgical ministries, community outreach, event planning, or providing support behind the scenes, your efforts make a meaningful impact.

At St. Joseph's, volunteering is more than a task; it's a chance to build connections, create positive change, and leave a lasting legacy. Whether you're a long-standing member or new to our community, your involvement helps us thrive.

Join us in spreading kindness and serving others. Discover the fulfillment of volunteering at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Contact us to explore how your skills and passion can uplift our faith community and make a difference in the lives of those we touch.


Contact Melinda Whinnery for volunteer opportunities!


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